We have a visionary approach, unique video feedback, small or large pool options, powerful branding, a smart business model and a highly-trained coaching staff. That puts us ahead of the competition.
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We train swimmers of all levels with the same innovative technology Olympians use. That’s great for youth, competitive, masters and athletes. And it’s great for business.
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For parents of small children, we’re the place that “works” when others haven’t. That means a boatload of word-of-mouth marketing.
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Our target audiences span from 1-year-olds to senior Master’s swimmers and all kinds of athletes in between. That keeps us afloat in business year-round.
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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Streamline Brands, the fastest growing franchisor of swim schools in the world. Together with SafeSplash Swim School and Swimtastic Swim School our customers can benefit from our services during any stage of their swimming life from learn to swim and recreational swimmer to elite competitor, triathlete or open-water swimmer. For more information about Streamline Brands visit www.streamlinebrands.com.

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