Franchise Support

We want you to know you’re buying into a franchise with a passionate and proven mission.  Every detail of our business plan, vision, and story is backed by our relentless determination to do things correctly, give our clients incredible service and help swimmers of every level love the sport as much as we do. We’d never ask you to jump in the deep end with us if we didn’t believe in this business, and in you, every step of the way.

As part of our team you will have…


SwimLabs provides a two-part initial training session for Certified Manager training and Certified Trainers. Each session consists of 5 to 7 days, for a total of 10 to 14 days of classroom and on- the-job training at our designated training location. We provide you with written and on-line manuals for use in conjunction with the initial training. We may waive a portion of the training program if your Certified Manager or Certified Trainer has sufficient prior experience or training.

Three individuals are eligible to participate in both parts of our initial training program without charge. At least one individual who will be responsible for the daily management of your SwimLabs must successfully complete both the Certified Manager portion and the Certified Trainer portion of the initial training program. We will make the initial training program available to replacement or additional trainers and managers during the term of the Franchise Agreement at an additional cost.


As a new franchisee SwimLabs provides you with an out of the box website and marketing package tailored for your specific market. This package includes a website built on SwimLabs’ existing template meaning it is optimized correctly from the start, including setup of all Google tracking properties, and setup of a blog. The site is built to be fully integrated with our scheduling platform and uses unique content based on the current company messaging, but with enough differentiation to avoid duplicate content issues. This differentiation includes web properties like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and initial foundational local link building. What all this means for you as a franchisee is that you receive a fully operational website that is easy to access and edit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SwimLabs has established a scaleable and cost effective way to optimize your website on all of the world’s leading search engine platforms. We have partnered with an industry leading SEO company who assists us in making sure your website, blogs, link building and content appropriately fit our researched key words and data points. Without this support system, franchisees would become disgruntled and would see less than desirable financial results. While SEO is just one factor to your success, it is an important one that needs to be done correctly and cost effectively. With SwimLabs supporting you, you can ‘check off’ SEO as being handled correctly, which makes us as happy as you.

Ongoing Support:

Along with all these specific types of support you will have as a small business owner, SwimLabs will also always be here to help you with anything. This type of unparalleled back office support is the type of family first mentality that you as a franchisee are joining. From ongoing cloud sharing and servicing, to content forming assistance and even routine daily questions, we will always be at your side every stroke of the way.